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The Scientific Breakthrough

Scientists at Wroclaw Medical University, one of Europe’s leading medical schools have been doing leading edge research in regenerative medicine and the problems of wound healing since 2003.  They have done extensive investigation on the restoration of damaged skin and ways to accelerate the healing of serious wounds.

One of the natural  phenomena that prompted further study by the Wroclaw scientists was the extraordinary regenerative qualities of the red deer (cervus elaphus) antler.  

Deer antler has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. It is also widely used in Russian and Eastern European folk medicine.

During its primary growth phase, the red deer antler grows at more than 2 cm per day.  The adult red deer stag sheds and regenerates new antlers at least once a year.

The red deer antler is among the most rapidly regenerating of all mammalian tissues. In addition, the stem cell protein growth factors in the antlers are similar to those in human skin cells.

The Wroclaw medical  scientists  succeeded in extracting the NHAC MIC-1 stem cells from the red deer antler and culturing  them in their laboratories. They then used ultrasound to naturally extract the critical protein growth factors from the MIC-1 stem cells.  These growth factors are similar to those found in human cells.  The potential for human regenerative medicine could be extraordinary.

A number of research studies have shown that  these natural growth factors rapidly stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells.

These same growth factors are  the key ingredient Biocervin Stem Cell Therapy formulations.

They are unique to Biocervin.  No other bio-cosmetic company in the world can claim anything similar.

These protein growth factors are unique in their ability to rapidly  regenerate elastin and collagen cells to create firmer, fuller and more youthful skin and delay the aging process.