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Stem Cells Spin S.A.

Biocervin was developed and formulated by Stem Cells Spin S.A., one of Central and Eastern Europe’s leading medical research companies.

The company was founded in 2009 by a group of scientists on the faculties of Wroclaw University’s Medical School and Veterinary College.  Their mission was to develop and commercialize the  extraordinary medical and veterinary potential of the NHAC  MIC-1 stem cell.

The  scientists had been investigating the remarkable regenerative powers of stem cells extracted from the antlers of the European red deer(cervus elaphus). The growth factors in these NHAC MIC-1 stem cells are similar to those in humans and other mammals.

Since 2003, scientists have conducted numerous in vitro and in vivo scientific studies both at Wroclaw University and at Stem Cells Spin’s research laboratories.  The results of these studies have been published in a number of well respected, peer reviewed medical and veterinary journals.  In May 2013, the company was honored with a major medical research grant from the European Union.

Stem Cells Spin S.A. was taken public in 2011 and currently trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.